Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Website

It's been a busy few months!  I'm going to make an honest effort to get back to blogging regularly. I'm not sure anyone actually reads blogs anymore, but having spent most of my life making a living as a writer, I think it's good to get back to writing regularly - even if it's just for me.

So, the new website has been launched!  I'm still adding  product - that is an ongoing process, of course.  Lots of ideas rolling around this head of mine.

Sadly, I killed my Mac computer with just a half cup of coffee.  Dumb, dumb, dumb - and you can bet my coffee is nowhere near the replacement PC.  Since another Mac was not to be found in my current budget, I am now re-learning the MS and Windows system.  I am grateful to have another computer, but my heart mourns for my Apple!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Plaid Rabbits?

Not too sure about these. I always go for prim stained muslin, but these kept popping into my head and they definitely wanted to be plaid.  They are cuter in person, I will say that.  I dunno....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

First Post and Remember Cave Creek Primitives?

Ragamuffin Primitives evolved from my original Cave Creek Primitives shop and studio in Kentucky.  I called this thing that I do Cave Creek Primitives because that's where I lived at the time - there was a real Cave Creek very close to my home and it seemed fitting, though in the early start-up I wavered between Cave Creek Primitives and Ragamuffin, finally ending up with Cave Creek.
Fast forward to 2011-12, when I first introduced the original Cave Creek pig shelf sitters and ornaments.  To my surprise, people went hog wild (sorry) for them, and I was busy for the next few years with pigs and other barnyard critters.  I was honored to have my work appear in four different issues of PRIMS Magazine too!

I moved to Florida in 2013 and Cave Creek continued to grow.  Outside circumstances and another business I also had going began to take their toll on pig-making, and so late in 2015, I found another owner for Cave Creek Primitives - Tamara Pearce of Pearce's Craft Shop - closed my Etsy shop and retired from making primitives.

Or so I thought.  It seems that once you get all that cinnamon and coffee in your blood, it's going to resurface eventually.  And so here I am - again.

Ragamuffin Primitives will be different from Cave Creek of course...and yet some will be similar. After all, those Cave Creek designs are my originals.  But if you are looking for the heavily grunged and tagged piggies and other critters, please visit Pearce's Craft Shop. Tamara is doing a great job carrying on the CCP look.

So, hope this brings you up to speed a little.  I'll be posting here on this blog, and there will be an Artyah shop and a website.   Right now I'm working on designs.  Life is good.